Weekly poll: Do you use dark themes?

This week's poll was actually suggested to us by one of our readers. Dark themes are all the rage these days, claiming to conserve battery power and to protect the screen, but are they as popular with users as with software developers?

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Dark vs. Light on OLED

There are proper arguments on both sides - darker themes do save power on OLED panels so going all black will help stretch your battery that little bit longer. There is also the subjective matter of aesthetics - whether you like the side bezels to blend in and if you prefer to read white text on a black background. Oh yeah, and if you are browsing at night, you wont be blinded by the bright glow.

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Dark vs. Light on LCD

However, using white background improves readability and many say it looks cleaner. If you are bothered by the blue light emissions, you can always go for the yellow-hue display, if you are one of those people. The battery saving argument is also invalid when youre using a phone with LCD.

So, which side are you on? Are dark themes something we should have had for a while now or is it all too much fuss about a meaningless update?

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